Return on Investment

computer liquidation in ny

Off network IT equipment takes up space and the longer it sits the less value it has, dwindling the assets value and costing the company money. Quick and stress-free removal of excess or out of date IT hardware and computer liquidation in exchange for some usable equity for your business is the perfect fix for this situation.

Keystone is the solution for the removal and resale of your company’s excess and out of network IT equipment. For on-site hard drive destruction in NJ and complete computer liquidation, we help you maximize your resources.


  1. Schedule Pickup
    Keystone will secure all necessary documents and paperwork.  We send our own experienced technicians to remove, load and transport the IT hardware and computer equipment in a timely and professional manner.
  2. Inspection & Audit
    Keystone technicians will inspect, test and upon request record the serial number, and make and model of each item. They will remove all asset tags and other extraneous items through computer liquidation in NY or PA that could allow the equipment to be traced back to your company.
  3. Data Destruction & Recycle
    We provide both certified hard drive and SSD erasure and IT shredding on data containing equipment. You can be confident in our non-obtrusive NJ hard drive erasure. Items or parts of equipment not deemed for resale are recycled.
  4. Return
    Once you approve of the value we assess your equipment, you will be sent an immediate payment. Keystone is your partner when it’s time to sell IT equipment in NJ.

IT Hardware Purchasing

Revenue Share Program

Increase your ROI with our revenue share program and let us do all the hard work. Keystone will handle all the logistics from picking up your equipment, reselling the equipment, and secure data destruction in NY. Keystone makes the process of removing off network IT assets simple and painless.

pa it hardware purchasingKeystone professionals will remove all equipment from your location. Items will be transported in our personal truck, and monitored by GPS tracking. All material will be tagged and stored in our secure 24-hour video monitored facility until ready for audit.

Keystone equipment audits for your IT liquidation will always:

  • Inspect and test each item
  • Remove all asset tags and extraneous labels
  • Shred or erase all hard drives
  • Provide a Fair Market Value (FMV)

Outright Purchase

Keystone is always looking for recently off-network IT hardware purchasing opportunities from manufactures such as Dell, IBM, Levono, Cisco, Sun, EMC, Apple, HP and more.

Simple, Easy and Quick Cash

Bulk selling like-new IT equipment is a perfect way to inject cash back into your company quickly. With over 14 years of experience, our expert team has created a global network of partners in demand of recently used IT equipment for purchasing. Keystone will evaluate your equipment based on its current working condition and make an outright IT hardware purchasing offer in PA or NY, and the surrounding states. If agreed, we will issue payment immediately, saving time and adding money back into your company.

What do we buy?

  • Servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Scanners
  • VoIP Phones
  • SAN and NAS equipment
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Printers
  • CPUs
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Anything IT!

For items that are dated but can still be reused, we recommend our IT Asset Recovery Program for hardware purchasing.

Our asset recovery program is designed for companies who want to get the highest return on their older IT equipment.