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Choosing the right partner is a critical decision since there are many liabilities, potential dangers, and cost related to off-network hardware. If your company operates in a highly regulated industry and routinely handles sensitive information, the importance of finding a trusted, reliable partner is paramount. Work with Keystone and we will guarantee your company a peace of mind, quick and professional service, and the potential to put some cash back into your pocket.

Investment Companies

Is your investment and stock trading company upgrading your IT equipment frequently? To help save costs and gain capital back into investment companies, we consult with you and utilize our procedures to safely and securely dispose of your hardware.

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Healthcare Providers

At Keystone, we are a trusted partner for many hospitals and other healthcare providers looking to sell their IT equipment. We provide innovative and unique solutions when you upgrade your software and have excess equipment.

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Law Firms

To keep your data secure and the information of your clients protected, Keystone provides you with great offers when you’re looking to sell off-network IT equipment from your law firm. We provide unmatched service and a considerable return on your investment as we create value from your IT equipment.

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Office IT Equipment

Are you frequently upgrading the technology in your offices? As your servers, computers, scanners, or VoIP phones become unused and outdated, Keystone is a trusted partner when you want to sell your IT equipment.

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Keystone will provide when applicable:

  • Detailed audit report containing serial number, make and model of each item
  • Signed statement of work copy
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Disk Erasure Report
  • Certificate of recycling
  • Bill of lading
  • Other requested documents