Certified Data Destruction Service

Secure Data Destruction in Philadelphia, PA


Choosing a certified, HIPAA compliant partner to destroy all data on your company’s unused equipment is a key component in preventing a data breach. Our company has the go-to team of experts specializing in computer liquidation services. When you ask Keystone to perform their comprehensive disposal and certified data destruction services, you can have confidence in the secure destruction of any data stored on computer hard drives, electronic media devices or any other IT waste.

Hard Drive and IT Shredding

We can shred your hard drives, compact discs, backup tapes, smart phones, USB flash drives and any other media your organization used to store data with our innovative high capacity shredder. In our secure facility, we have the capability to shred thousands of drives each day, reducing your data to shards of metal and plastic that will never present a risk of exposure.

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Hard Drive Erasure

We offer services to erase hard drives and SSDs according to NIST 800-88 standards. Any data erased to NIST 800-88 standards cannot be recovered with any existing technology. The benefit of safely erasing drives is that the device is safe for reuse in a second life application such as donations, redeployment or resale. Contact us today for your NJ hard drive erasure needs.

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On-Site Data Destruction

Keystone offers on-site hard drive destruction in PA for clients whose compliance standards require these services. Our on-site solution utilizes a portable hard drive destruction device that quietly, easily and efficiently renders the drives inoperable. The end result is a drive deemed non-working and the destroyed hard drives are safely transport back to our facility for final secure data destruction in our shredder.

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Keystone’s certified data destruction service guarantees that all of your information will be destroyed without any trace of your company’s sensitive information or trade secrets. All computer hard drives, electronic media devices or any other IT equipment in NJNY and Philadelphia, PA will be transported to our secure service facility. Our procedure-oriented facility ensures the proper removal and media destruction of any hard drives, ID cards, loose papers, documents, brochures, fliers, floppy disks, flash drives, thumb drives, compact discs and/or DVDs, SIM cards, PDA’s, cell phones or any other media that contains data.

e-waste data


To ensure that sensitive data is erased, our certified, HIPAA compliant media destruction services in NJ or PA help mitigate any liabilities by rendering hard drives unreadable. Our disposal services protect your brand, and are fully certified for our environmentally-friendly service of computer liquidation in NYOur full line of secure, certified data destruction services methods in NY, NJ, MD, and Philadelphia will improve your security while also alleviating concerns over the confidentiality of your data and documents. 

data destruction philadelphiaThrough the liquidation of your company’s old or outdated computers, IT waste or other electronic devices, our HIPAA compliant procedures will ensure your important information is erased so you can move forward. So when you need to sell IT equipment in NY, PA or NJ to an experienced and trustworthy company, look no further than the electronic disposal services offered through Keystone. When performing the computer liquidation and certified data destruction services of important electronic equipment, Keystone will ensure your sensitive information is never exposed to the eyes of others. This exactly why you should choose our HIPAA compliant professionals to get the job done right the first time.