Hard Drive Erasure

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Hard drive and data erasure removes any risk of data exposure by erasing all data and leaving the hard drive intact for reuse. Data erasure is safe, secure and the most environmentally friendly solution for equipment that can be reused, resold, or donated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York. Over 80% of networks and computers contain sensitive information, and many companies don’t have a safe and secure way to handle outdated or excess equipment

As your corporation or firm frequently upgrades equipment to better serve your clientele, the biggest issue is ensuring their sensitive data remains confidential. Through hard drive erasures in NJ from Keystone, you won’t compromise your company’s sensitive information and avoid legal claims with this extra layer of security. Whether you need erasure services in New York or require a partner for IT hardware purchasing in PA, Keystone makes sure your data is kept secure.

Keystone is licensed to use Blancco software, the industry’s leading data erasure software. “Blancco guarantees 100% data sanitization of all your IT assets…Once erased, the data cannot be recovered with any existing technology.”

We make the entire process simple to alleviate any stress or frustration, and ensure the erasure is non-obtrusive for our clients. At Keystone, we offer the most convenient way to wipe data through successful data wiping, and when your data has not been efficiently wiped, we’ll provide hard drive destruction in PA. Learn more about our process by contacting us today.

About Blancco

Blancco is the preferred erasure choice of military, defense, police, banking and IT asset reseller organizations around the world. Leading the data erasure industry, Blancco has over ten national and international third party approvals, certifications and recommendations. Their software meets and exceeds all major international standards for secure data erasure. (For more information visit Blancco’s website)


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We give a certificate of destruction detailing the serial number (if applicable) and type of media that data was destroyed, along with Blannco Erasure audit report. The thorough reporting provided by Keystone and Blancco records information that protects your company and clients, providing you with the information and a clean hard drive in NJ.

The software report details drive sizes, models and serial numbers, providing a record of all units that are wiped. We offer on-site erasure services, but provide remote services for small quantities and locations, as well. When needing complete destruction, our NY on-site hard drive destruction utilize a hard drive destruction device that quietly and effectively renders the drives inoperable.