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Choosing the right partner is a critical decision since there are many liabilities, potential dangers, and costs related to off-network hardware. If you are looking for a partner that is fast, reliable, secure, economical, and certified; Work with Keystone and we will guarantee your company a peace of mind, quick and professional service, and the potential to put some cash back into your pocket.

Return on Investment

Keystone can outright purchase your equipment or provide a revenue share based on the age and market demand of your equipment. Keystone has a reliable worldwide network of IT buyers, enabling us get the most value from your off-network equipment. We provide simple and easy IT valuations guaranteed to always save you time and money.

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Data Destruction

As technology is integrated into everyday life, sensitive and personal information has become a major target for data thieves. Keystone takes all measures to ensure our client’s information is never compromised by:

  • Data erasure
  • Hard drive shredding
  • Hard drive crushing
  • Tape shredding
  • And More

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Data Center Hardware Refresh

Data center hardware ages over time and eventually needs to be replaced, but the decision to replace refresh hardware has become more challenging in recent years. Keystone will make the task easier and economical by utilizing our suite of services to remove hardware, destroy all data containing devices, and injecting cash back into your business.

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Sell Your IT Hardware

We buy IT hardware! Keystone is always looking for IT products from manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Fujitsu and others. We have 14 years of experience of dealing with used IT equipment and have created a network of partners in need of you reconditioned IT equipment.

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Certified Recycling

After every effort has been made to reuse an item, true end of life equipment is passed to our e-waste recycling team. Keystone maintains R2v3, ISO 14001, and 18001 OSHA certifications. Our internal e-Recycling team strictly adheres to the responsible recycling management strategies with a focus on a reuse, recover, and recycle hierarchy. Keystone can provide all necessary documentation to meet the needs of your company.

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Documentation and Online Client Portal

Keystone provides detailed reports and documents for every service to ensure compliance with all corporate policies, legal requirements and regulatory mandates. Our online portal allows for real-time access to all information and can become a data repository providing a detailed permanent record of all successful, verified services.

Keystone will provide when applicable:

  • Detailed audit report containing serial number, make and model of each item
  • Signed statement of work copy
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Drive Erasure Report
  • Certificate of recycling
  • Bill of lading
  • Other requested documents