Data Center Hardware Refresh

datacenterWhen transitioning between equipment or decommissioning a data center, Keystone can ease this strenuous process by being your one stop solution! Utilizing our suite of services, Keystone can create a customized plan to quickly, efficiently, and economically remove all of you excess hardware, destroy all data, and give your company cash to be used in other important business matters.


 Services include:

  • On site equipment deinstallation, removal and pick-up
  • On /off site data destruction
  • Outright purchase of equipment
  • Revenue share program
  • Certified recycling


datacenterKeystone specializes with equipment such as:

  • HP and IBM Blade centers
  • HP, IBM, Dell and Sun servers
  • Hard drive and Data Tape Arrays
  • UPS Battery back ups
  • Switches, hubs, firewalls
  • Other network gear

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