Certified E-Waste Recycling

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For IT equipment that is relatively old and cannot be reused, our local company offers fully compliant e-waste certified recycling services. Keystone adheres to a policy for managing used and end-of-life IT equipment, computer hard drives and other electronics in a safe, secure manner. This is all based on the reuse, recover and recycle hierarchy of responsible management strategies. Your company can be confident in our team’s ability to recycle all old or outdated electronics and provide you with the solutions you need moving forward.

Any of your equipment deemed non-reusable will be dismantled in a safe, secure manner and sent to a certified downstream vendor to extract raw materials for reuse in other products. Through our e-waste recycling solutions in New York City, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Wilmington, DE, Washington, D.C, and NJ, Keystone ensures no material is ever sent to a landfill by auditing all of our downstream vendors on a yearly basis. When your local, New York-based company chooses Keystone, you’ll have the peace of mind that any sensitive data stored on IT equipment, computer hard drives or other electronics will be completely wiped out.


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Keystone proudly maintains R2v3 certification, which further ensures the best recycling solutions for environmental health, employee safety and client security in the New York area. We are among only a handful of local companies to attain a DEP permit, along with the R2 certification, for our certified recycling services. Keystone is continuously updating all procedures to ensure full compliance with all Federal, State and local regulations when we recycle IT equipment, computer hard drives or other electronics.

Learn More About Our Certifications

Keystone can provide a certificate of recycling in Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, New York City, NY, Wilmington, DE, Washington, D.C, or NJ, along with a detailed record of the serial number, make and model of each item, and a certificate of destruction (if applicable). All information from our e-waste certified recycling will then be uploaded to the client’s online portal. Keystone emphasizes the proper documentation of our secure disposal services, so your company can prove their decision to recycle computers and other devices appropriately.

When you choose Keystone, you can count on them to perform thorough certified recycling services. Our team of experts are experienced with providing secure solutions throughout the entire Northeast region of the United States. We are committed to approaching each job in a professional manner. This is why we strive to not only protect our customers from dangerous leaks of information, but also the environment from hazardous waste. When you think responsible, trustworthy certified recycling; think Keystone.