Keystone is a leading solutions provider for off-network technology equipment that safeguards our customers against needless threats such as data security, financial, environmental, legal, brand and loss of operational efficiency. Our services reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with securely handling IT assets and consumer electronics in compliance with data security, environmental, and worker health regulations.

HIPAA Compliant Data Destruction


This certification ensures that our facility and staff takes all measures to prevent and protect our clients from a data breach. Keystone’s facility is equipped with various security cameras and a specialized locked area for equipment housing sensitive data. Keystone also utilizes a strict chain of custody and tracking methods to prevent any risk of a data breach.

This certification requires Keystone to have a quality program for data destruction. The goal of the program is to verify the accuracy of test methods, testing equipment, and labeling procedure for all incoming equipment. Keystone’s secure, HIPAA compliant program includes routine testing and auditing of incoming equipment allowing us to segregate the equipment into three R2 categories: Tested for Full Functions, R2/Ready for Reuse; Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale; and/or Evaluated and Non-Functioning, R2/Ready for Repair. With the use of our quality program and the R2 labeling requirements, Keystone can accurately determine the potential resale value of all equipment.

Lastly this certification highlights a “Reuse, Recover and Dispose” Hierarchy of Responsible Management.  Keystone and its employees always promote the resale and reuse of any and all used and off-network electronic equipment, components, and materials before recovery. Disposal of equipment in landfills is strictly prohibited.  Keystone regularly monitors where all material goes when it leaves our facility to a downstream vendor. With this policy as a highlight, Keystone ensures your equipment will be thoroughly evaluated for resale and reuse value.

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ISO 45001:2018

The ISO 45001:2018 certification is an additional component required by R2v3. The OSHA standard was created by The Occupational Health and Safety Administration as a way to keep employees safe on the job at all times. This standard further enhances our company practices by highlighting potential hazards and risks, training and conformance to company procedures and emergency procedures, and corrective action. Utilizing the standards required by this certification, Keystone can further assure the quality of our employees, which in turn allows us to offer quality services, including HIPAA compliant data destruction, to our customers.

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ISO 14001:2015

The ISO 14001:2015 certification is an additional component required by R2v3. The ISO standard was created by the International Organization for Standardization. The standard ensures that all equipment and facility procedures are handled and performed in a manner that minimizes any negative impacts on the environment. With the welfare of the environment as a primary concern, Keystone focuses on the resale and reuse of all incoming equipment first. All equipment is tested, evaluated, and if it is concluded that an item cannot be resold or reused, it is recycled in a manner that is safe and environmentally beneficial for HIPAA compliant data destruction.

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Pennsylvania DEP WMGR081

Pennsylvania’s new law has been enacted for computer and electronic recycling companies. To be considered a qualified recycler a company must achieve a third party certification, such as R2v3, and obtain their own Pennsylvania permit to maintain compliance. This permit assures that Keystone’s site is suitable for HIPAA compliant electronics recycling, and ensures that the company is financially capable of such activities.

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ISO 9001:2015

This standard ensures that we maintain a high standard of quality when it comes to the services or products we provide to our customers. Ensuring customer satisfaction is not only a requirement of R2v3, but also one of Keystone’s foundational principals.

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