Our Facility and Process

Choosing the right partner is a critical decision since there are many liabilities, potential dangers, and cost related to handling off-network technology equipment. If you are looking for a partner that is fast, reliable, secure, economical, and certified; Work with Keystone and we will guarantee your company a peace of mind, quick and professional service, and the opportunity to maximize the economic value from your off-network equipment

Reverse Logistics

Keystone will secure all necessary documents and paperwork prior to our arrival at your facility. Our technicians will remove, load and transport the equipment in a timely and professional manner. Keystone will provide all the necessary tools for proper remove and transport of the equipment. All materials will be palletized, loaded and handled by Keystone employees only. Upon loading, our truck will be manned by a Keystone employee or locked when no employee is present. As an added security measure our truck has been equipped with GPS monitoring, enabling Keystone to track every movement. All material sent to our facility will be tagged and stored until available for audit.

Audit Process

Keystone technicians will inspect, test and upon request record the serial number, make and model of each item. They will remove all asset tags and other extraneous markings. Our procedure also includes removal and shredding of any loose papers, documents, flash drives, compact discs and/or DVDs, SIM cards, PDAs, cell phones or any other sign that could allow the equipment to be traced back to your company. After the audit process is complete the equipment is labeled for reuse or recycle based on R2 standard.

24 Hour Video Surveillance & Limited Access Facility

Our facility is only accessible by employees during business hours, and by only management after hours. Anytime the facility is opened after hours, a message is sent to management alerting them of the activity. Keystone employees must swipe their key fob to gain access to the building. Cameras are placed around all access points inside and outside the building. Any and all guests must be scheduled to enter the building prior to arrival and escorted by a Keystone employee at all time. All equipment that contains sensitive data is further secured in a cage and under lock and key, only assessable to our two head technicians. All video footage is accessible only by management in real time or tape delayed.

Keystone always encourages our clients to come and take a tour of our facility. Schedule an appointment today!

Documentation and Online Client Portal

Keystone provides detailed reports and documents for every service to ensure compliance with all corporate policies, legal requirements and regulatory mandates. Our online portal allows for real-time access to all information and can become a data repository providing a detailed permanent record of all successful, verified services.

Keystone will provide (when applicable):

  • Audit report
  • Detailed audit report containing serial number, make and model of each item
  • Signed statement of work copy
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Drive Erasure Report
  • Certificate of recycling
  • Bill of lading
  • Other requested documents