On-Site Data Destruction

ny on site hard drive destruction

Our services relating to on-site data destruction and hard drive erasure in NJ, PA and NY cater to any company policies or regulatory compliance requirements involving data storing devices that must be destroyed prior to leaving the premises. This method of data destruction is essential for government agencies, banks and other financial institutions, as well as for healthcare facilities or other organizations whose sensitive data must remain private and secure. 

When you’re frequently upgrading your equipment without using a secure destruction method, your data and brand is at risk. It’s important that you honor the obligation that you have with your customers: preventing their sensitive data from exploitation. Rest assured that Keystone is a trusted provider of hard drive destruction and certified data destruction in NY, PA and NJ. Our on-site data destruction services will provide you with an immediate way to address your confidentiality concerns, while also enhancing the security for your clients. 

Our Process

Our highly trained and professional team can even travel to perform on-site data destruction services by physically destroying all hard drives at your corporate locations. Keystone uses a specially designed, portable hard disk drive destruction unit capable of quietly and effectively destroying hundreds of hard drives per hour. Our hard drive destruction unit applies enough force to break the platter, making it impossible to recover any data from the drive. Keystone can deploy and operate the machine at your site, allowing maximum security, client visibility and control over your sensitive data. 

After all the information on the drives has been destroyed and deemed unrecoverable through our onsite services, Keystone can transport the drives to our limited access, 24-hour video monitored facility using our GPS monitored truck. We will finish the job by shredding the drives, turning them into shards of scrap metal. 

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on site hard drive destruction in nj

After we perform our on-site data destruction, we will provide a certificate of destruction detailing the serial number (if applicable) and type of media that was destroyed. We also provide a video of the shredding, real time live video stream of it via a secure web page, or we welcome the client to eyewitness the process at our facility. All information will then be uploaded to the client’s online portal. 

The on-site data destruction services is a solution that eliminates any risk of a single data breach since the process is under the watchful eye of our client from start to finish. When you’re looking to physically destroy the hard drives or clean them of all data, you can have confidence that Keystone has the equipment to ensure the security for your clients. We are also available for PA IT hardware purchasing so you can generate a return on your investment of like-new networking equipment. Inquire about how to sell your IT hardware in NJ, PA or New York with Keystone.