What Does R2v3 Certification Mean for Business Owners?

April 26th, 2018


If you’ve been searching for a responsible source for the destruction of data in NY, you may have come across the term “R2v3” before. The best data destruction and electronic disposal companies maintain this certification, but as a consumer, you may not understand what R2v3 certification is or why it’s important.


This article will cover some of the basics of what R2v3 certification means, and why responsible business owners know why working with data destruction services that maintain this certification are choosing the most responsible option.


R2v3 certified businesses, such as Keystone Technology Management, have to maintain a high level of compliance with environmental standards to keep their certification. These companies are required to follow a “reuse, recover, and responsibly dispose” procedure when it comes to getting rid of old computers, laptops, external hard drives and other technological equipment.


First, they are required to do everything possible to prepare the technology to be reused. This involves wiping the hard drive of all personal data, refurbish the machine if it needs new parts, and make an honest effort to do everything possible to attempt to make the technology workable again. If this is not possible, the business must take all practical steps to separate the materials that make up the technology for recycling.


Finally, materials that cannot be recycled must be disposed of by the business in a responsible way. This means that they cannot be incinerated, disposed of, or redirected to a landfill if there is any possible way that the equipment or its materials can be otherwise used or salvaged.


Businesses that chose to work with R2v3 certified companies are making a difference not only for their customers but also the environment as well. R2v3-compliant data destruction for hospitals, schools and businesses is available from Keystone Technology Management. Give us a call today at 800-419-7176 to get started!