Sell Your IT Equipment for Hospitals

At Keystone Technology Management, we are a trusted partner for many hospitals looking to sell their IT equipment in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We provide innovative and unique solutions when you upgrade your software and have excess or outdated equipment. 

As a valuable partner for all hospitals, Keystone generates value from your excess IT equipment, leading to a return on your investment. When you’re looking to sell your IT equipment in New York, PA or NJ, we make the process effortless and help to bring capital back into your medical facility. 

We buy your servers and hardware in any quantity and ensure your complete satisfaction through recycling and data destruction. Whether you’re looking to sell Cisco, Apple, HP, Dell, IBM, Levono or any other brands of IT equipment–we’ll buy your software and handle all of the logistics throughout the purchasing process, so you can have the peace of mind that all sensitive information has been destroyed. 

As you sell your IT equipment for offices at your hospital, you’ll see many options that reduce costs since we dispose of equipment in an eco-friendly manner. A thorough evaluation will be made on your equipment, and a payment will be issued quickly as you choose to partner with us to sell your hardware. 

Data & Hardware Destruction for Hospitals

When hospitals merge or upgrade their software, they must make sure all files, discs, hard drives and SIM cards are protected. Our data destruction services for hospitals makes sure your information is not exposed, and your IT equipment is not breached. When you’re looking to sell your IT equipment, you can have confidence that Keystone’s professionals will complete the job without any leaks of essential healthcare-related information. 

Keystone understands that hospitals can’t afford a data breach, and our process for data and hardware destruction ensures that all personal information of your patients remains secure. We have advanced equipment in our facilities and are able to shred your data without risking exposure. Our facility implements procedures that remove and destroy any media containing sensitive data. 

Depending on your needs, we’ll dispose and recycle your outdated equipment, or agree on a consignment agreement, where we’ll sell your computers, servers, and systems on your behalf. Your reputation will not be in jeopardy when you sell your IT equipment to Keystone. 

Let us become your trusted resource for proper disposal and destruction of your most personal and sensitive files. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service through our e-waste recycling for law firms and hospitals. When you have excess or outdated equipment, make sure you’re acting in compliance with security regulations by contacting Keystone today.