Sell your Office IT Equipment

Are you frequently upgrading the technology in your offices? As your servers, computers, scanners, or VoIP phones become unused and outdated, Keystone is a trusted partner when you want to sell your IT equipment.

In any quantity and any type of IT equipment, we help you get a return on your investment, generating additional capital into your business. All offices and work environments are taking advantage of the development of technology to streamline processes. As you’re upgrading your hardware, you should understand that those used assets can be worth more than you originally thought.
What kind of hardware and equipment will be buy?

  • Laptops/Desktops
  • Servers
  • Networking Equipment
  • Video Conferencing Hardware
  • USB Flash Drives/ Thumb Drives
  • Scanners
  • NAS & SAN Equipment

We’ll consult with you to understand exactly what you require when you sell us your IT equipment. Depending on your requirements, after we agree on a price, we’ll buy your equipment outright, sell them for your company, or dispose of the excess equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.
Keystone provides you with a thorough report of our services when you sell your IT equipment for stock trading companies or offices that require an optimal return on their initial investment. We’ll buy hardware and equipment from many brands that you’re looking to sell, including Dell, Sun, Apple, HP, IBM, EMC, Cisco and more.

We have the capability to destroy your sensitive data on site, offering a comprehensive and advanced solution when it comes to data destruction for hospitals and other organizations. Your company will experience customer service that is unmatched, handling all of the logistics and disposition of your equipment.
Avoid risks of data breaches and leaks of sensitive information from your servers by partnering with Keystone. Our satisfaction guarantee helps you gain confidence that our services will not compromise the IT equipment from your offices.
Our goal is to provide you with excellent services when you sell us your hardware to reduce the cost and risks associated with your personal and sensitive data. Get in touch with us and we’ll agree on a price for your hardware.
Complete the process quickly and protect your company from liability. If you have any questions about our process, contact us today.