Why Your Business Should Consider a Data Destruction Service

January 21st, 2021

Blog, Data Security

Data destruction services are the essential, practical side of corporate cybersecurity.

Do you get the feeling that you’re missing something critical in your cybersecurity strategy? While you’re busy watching your network, servers, and endpoints for malware and data loss, you could be shipping off truckloads of former assets with fresh data for hackers to explore.

These assets could include company files stored on hard drives and also hidden sources of private information like browser cache files and backups. Company leadership needs to know you’re protected against data exposure, liability for exposing others’ data, and violations of HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, and FISMA regulations.

When Will You Discover Data Security Problems?

Typical responses to corporate data exposure come, at best, months after the actual event. Any exposure of data from your used systems may not come to your attention until long after the damage has been done. It makes sense to gain a sense of security and peace of mind the old-fashioned way: by taking solid, physical precautions. When you know that the data on your systems has been definitively destroyed, those vectors carrying your company’s reputation and liability get cut off at the source.

When you employ a clear data destruction strategy, it doesn’t matter where your hardware ends up on the used market. Hackers can’t use what isn’t there anymore. A professional data destruction service is thorough and careful and allows you to convert used assets without adding risk.

Why a Technology Management Company is Essential to Your Privacy

Most corporate attempts at physical data security are secondary to everyday operations. The personnel delegated to asset disposition, and data protection may have little specific experience or training. By contracting with experts, your retired assets are handled both for the maximum return and the maximum privacy, protecting your data while turning over your assets using the strategy that benefits you most.

How is Data Destroyed?

We provide complete data destruction services in NJ, NY, and PA, which include the destruction of the data and the materials on which it is stored. This can include:

  • Overwriting — replacing your data with new data patterns on the hard drives and other media.
  • Degaussing — rendering storage media “wiped” with magnetic fields so that it no longer contains data.
  • Physical Destruction — ensuring that the hard drives and other media are shredded and unusable

Complete Professional Data Destruction as Part of a Corporate Computing Asset Turnover Strategy

Keystone Technology Management provides end-to-end asset tracking and disposition, including essential data destruction. We use the powerful hard drive shredder New York area clients need along with our expert knowledge and processes. Contract with us and rely on professional care of your retired technology assets!