Why E-Waste Recycling is Important

November 12th, 2019


As one of the leading data destruction services in New Jersey and throughout the Northeast region, we help businesses safeguard their most valuable asset: their customers’ confidential information. In a world full of costly cybersecurity breaches and rampant identity theft, we take our role as a certified, trustworthy, HIPAA-compliant technology management resource very seriously.

But we also care deeply about the environment. We take pride in our ability to provide e-waste recycling services that help protect not only essential data, but the Earth itself.

Here are a few reasons why e-waste recycling is so important.

E-Waste is a Growing Issue

In January 2019, the World Economic Forum reported that e-waste, or discarded electronic equipment, has become the world’s fastest-growing stream of waste and accounts for 70 percent of all toxic waste present in American landfills. 

The components that are used to manufacture the electronics we depend on to make our world go around—such as heavy metals, glass, and plastic—can be harmful to the physical world that sustains our lives. These materials contain lead, mercury, and other toxic substances. Failing to dispose of these products in a safe way can lead to the pollution of air and water.

Recycling is Still Not the Norm

An estimated 75 percent of e-waste produced in the U.S. goes straight to the dump, while only the remaining 25 percent gets recycled. 

From mobile phones to televisions to laptop computers to entire offices worth of I.T. equipment, every electronic device can be recycled. Additionally, these products contain valuable precious metals that, if re-used, do not have to be mined as aggressively from the Earth.

What Can You Do?

From individual citizens to executives at large companies, everyone can do their part to protect the environment with just a few simple behavioral changes. In this infographic, we’ve listed a few suggestions for combining a dependence on technology with a more eco-friendly mindset.

For businesses, properly disposing of old electronic equipment is really as easy as contacting Keystone Technology Management for e-waste recycling in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. When it comes to disposing of computers, hard drives, and I.T. equipment, you won’t find a company with stronger credentials or better qualifications.

We maintain R2 and R2v3 certifications, hold a DEP permit, and are fully compliant with federal state and local regulations for safe and responsible e-waste recycling.

For more information about Keystone Technology Management or to arrange for your equipment to be recycled by our team, contact us today.