The Importance of Data Center Refreshes

If you haven’t refreshed your data center hardware in the past three to four years, it’s time to take action. This lifespan is typically agreed upon as appropriate for your business’s data center. After this time period is up, you risk losing productivity and revenue by running on outdated equipment.

You regularly need to refresh your hardware with new, faster equipment, even if the hardware is functioning well. Data center hardware ages from ordinary, everyday wear, but rapidly accelerating technology contributes far more to the eventual obsolescence of your hardware.

If you don’t update your data center every few years, you run the risk of working with equipment that is increasingly unable to handle the volume of information and the speed at which it needs to be processed. Furthermore, the latest applications that your business needs to run to succeed are increasingly complex, and require updated technology.

For your business or organization to function smoothly, you need a data center that is up-to-date. A regular data center refresh schedule will ensure that your business keeps up with the competition.

However, the prospect of a data center refresh brings with it several concerns. As a business owner, you might find yourself stressed over how your budget will accommodate a hardware refresh, and may be at a loss for how to properly dispose of, or make use of, your old equipment. If you find yourself at a standstill, call Keystone Technology Management. We can maximize your return on investment for old equipment to help offset the cost of your data center refresh.

As a provider of solutions for off-network equipment, Keystone Technology can customize your data center refresh hardware disposal plan. We are an R2:103 certified business that disposes of old hardware only in an environmentally-friendly manner, so that you are always compliant with environmental regulations.

Our services will help you strategically fit your data center refresh plan into your budget. Replacing outdated hardware with efficient equipment will be an investment in itself, since updated technology reduces long-term costs. We offer solutions such as revenue share from the sale of your off-network equipment, as well as outright purchase of your hardware to maximize your refresh budget.

Finally, we take care of the security concerns that come with data center refreshes. Keystone Technology Management offers data destruction on or off site, depending on your needs. The security of your network is invaluable, and a data center refresh with us will maintain it.

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