Protect Trade Secrets with IT Disposition Experts

July 20th, 2016

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The term “trade secrets” refers to any classified business info that provides an enterprise with a competitive edge, like formulas, practices, processes, designs, instruments, patterns and much more. Trade secrets function as the structural foundation of your company’s success. It’s the fuel in the tank that continues to generate profit and drives your business forward. When your company knows something that the competitors don’t, you have to do everything in your power to protect it and keep it undisclosed. That’s your secret sauce! You might use some of the same ingredients as your competitors, but they don’t have that one secret ingredient that you sprinkle on throughout the process.

Customers could probably find other similar products from your competitors—BUT NO—they choose your company because you have the pizzazz that people can’t get away from and other businesses can’t get their hands on. When you’re using some juicy business strategies (which are ethical, of course) to gain a competitive edge within your industry, you have to safeguard and defend them so you never have to suffer the consequences associated with having trade secrets exposed. Classified business information is what got your company where it is today, and will continue to propel far into the future. These secret ingredients work together to manifest your company’s highly sought after product.

Negligence is a terrible thing, though! If you’re lazy and careless about going the extra mile to protect important information, you’re going to eventually cause a small leak to turn into a busted pipeline of information, spewing your secret sauce into the eyes of your competitors. When you don’t dispose of your unused or outdated IT equipment responsibly, you risk having sensitive information exploited by ill-intentioned individuals. By simply throwing old devices into the dumpster or placing them out on the curb the night before trash pick-up, which many municipalities don’t even allow, you’re literally putting your entire company’s integrity on the line.

If you haven’t realized it yet, it’s time for you to come to terms with the fact that our whole world is pretty much dependent on computers and other innovative technological devices. Unless you beat your hard drives with a bat until they’re smashed to pieces, you should probably worry about throwing them out or donating them before wiping them squeaky clean. Even if you do physically sabotage your old IT equipment, there’s still a decent chance that there’s something recoverable in that big pile of seemingly useless junk. Nowadays, there are too many people that are tech-savvy and have the ability to find information that you may have previously thought had been deleted. Don’t take chances!

When you need your IT equipment destroyed responsibly without any chance of trade secrets ever being resurrected, you need to contact a company specializing in data destruction services in NJ, such as Keystone Management Technology. After receiving your equipment, professionals will determine whether or not it can be donated or resold. If the devices are far too outdated, they’ll be completely destroyed with an industrial shredder. But if they can be reused, the disposition experts will wipe the hard drives clean with Blancco Security Suite, which is the industry standard hard drive erasure software, to completely erase information that cannot be recovered with any existing technology. For reusable IT equipment, businesses can receive a return on their investment. By seeking hard drive destruction services in PA, you’ll help to prevent dangerous breaches of undisclosed business information and never let anyone learn the formula for your company’s secret sauce.