Protect Your Personal Information

October 9th, 2017

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In this day and age, your personal information is everywhere. Multiple email addresses, social media accounts, usernames and passwords for a multitude of websites to take care of banking, bill paying and much more.

Whether you’re using your tablet, smartphone, work computer or whatever else you have, you’re signing on to multiple accounts on a slew of different technological devices on a regular basis. Obviously, you aren’t always giving out your credit card or social security number, but there is a good chance you’ve used them enough, leaving a trail to your personal information.


Having said that, when you’re ready to get rid of equipment you must be careful when doing so. Not only must you protect yourself, but also your company. If you need data destruction services in New York, you’ll want to call Keystone Technology Management. We ensure all sensitive data is destroyed carefully.

Here are three things you don’t want to wind up in the wrong hands:

  1. Social Security Number


The worst case scenario is a hacker accessing your social security number. Those nine digits can cause you major headaches. Using it, someone can file for a fraudulent tax refund, get medical care, open financial accounts, steal your benefits and more.

  1. Passwords


There are so many different accounts and forums that require passwords that we as people use all the time for several reasons. Whether they automatically populate in the login screen or you have a document on your computer with every one of them listed, it isn’t that difficult for people to access your accounts if you don’t erase your passwords and log out. Make sure you differentiate your passwords and change them every once in awhile.

  1. Trade secrets


Whether you’re using a personal device or a device provided by your employer, important and sensitive information is constantly communicated through many forms of technology on a daily basis for business. Failing to get rid of old equipment properly can result in disastrous consequences.

Keep your sensitive information safe when upgrading your technology. If you need IT recycling solutions in New York, call us today at 800-419-7176 or fill out a contact form on our website.