How You Should Properly Recycle Electronics

July 17th, 2017


We all love our cell phones, computers, laptops and gaming equipment. We love these devices so much that we’re constantly upgrading to the latest and greatest version. Unfortunately, not many people understand that electronics who have outlived their usefulness aren’t just another piece of garbage; they’re e-waste and there is a special way to recycle them.

At Keystone Technology Management, we are not only one of the leading PA hard drive destruction companies, but we are also dedicated to providing you with helpful tips. Instead of just throwing your outdated laptop in the garbage the next time you upgrade, use our guide to know how to properly dispose your electronic waste.

  • Take it to a recycling center. The best way to make sure that your electronic waste is being properly disposed of is to take it to an e-waste management center. Companies like Keystone Technology Management do more than help get rid of annoying e-waste; they also ensure that your data is completely removed from all old devices, keeping your identity safer.
  • Donate it. If your old computer, laptop or cell phone still works and is in relatively good condition, consider donating it to a local charity or nonprofit. Charities like Dell Reconnect and eBay for Charity can help to give your old electronic new life with a family in need. Be sure to get a receipt; you can write off the value of your donations when tax season comes around.
  • Make sure it’s safe to donate. Before donating or destroying your e-waste, make sure it’s ready to go! Computers and cell phones need to have sensitive data wiped away before disposal, so these items are better taken to a professional for recycling. Items like ink and toner cartridges need to be emptied and cleaned before donating, so make sure you’re using every drop of ink before disposal. Additionally, consider reusing your ink cartridges- some companies are now providing refills for old toner and ink containers for a much smaller fee than a new one.

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can properly recycle used electronics or want to find out about one of the leading hard drive destruction companies in NY, we encourage you to contact us today!