Hard Drive Destruction & Disposal

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Our hard drive disposal and data shredding services eliminate any risk of data exposure by physically destroying the entire drive. After placing the equipment in our industrial shredder, each drive is reduced to shards of metal that are then recycled by one of our certified downstream vendors. As a trustworthy destroyer of electronic media and other IT equipment, you can count on Keystone to offer the most suitable solutions for data storage equipment that cannot be reused, sold, or donated.

When you need a viable solution for the disposal of your IT software, you can rest assured knowing that Keystone is one of the most trusted companies throughout the Northeast. We offer data shredding and secure hard drive destruction services in PA, MD, NJ, NY, and across the country to ensure that all companies can safely dispose of confidential information stored on outdated equipment. Our company offers competitive prices for our computer liquidation in NY through a secure destruction and disposal service. 

Hard disk or Hard drive disposal can be safely completed using several methods. When customers pursue our innovative data shredding services, we’ll use a heavy-duty destroyer to crush your equipment and eliminate the possibility of any data or information being recovered. When companies want to reuse their IT equipment, we offer NJ hard drive erasure services that delete the data. After wiping out the data, you’ll receive the reporting and documentation for peace of mind. 

Our Process

Our company’s procedure-oriented facility is based on the R2v3 standards. Keystone will securely pick up, load and transport all of the IT equipment and mobile devices from a client’s location to our facility. All material will then be tagged and stored in our secure 24-hour video monitored facility. Since we make certain to stay compliant with privacy laws, our comprehensive services make Keystone one of the most relied upon companies nationwide. 

Our industrial shredder is capable of shredding thousands of data storing devices in hours and capable of shredding:

  • Hard drives
  • Tapes
  • Floppy disks
  • Flash drives
  • Thumb drives
  • Compact discs and/or DVD’s
  • SIM cards
  • PDA’s
  • Cell phones & other mobile devices
  • Any media that may contain data


hard drive destruction service in pa

After hard drive disposal services are complete, our company will provide you with a certificate of destruction detailing the serial number (if applicable) and type of media that has been destroyed by our shredder. We can also provide a video of your company’s shredding, real time live video stream of the shredding via a secure web page, or we’ll welcome the client to eyewitness the industrial destroyer doing what it does best at our facility. All information will be uploaded to the clients’ online portal. 

If your company requires all data to be destroyed prior to leaving your facility, you can have confidence in our ability to perform on-site, secure hard drive destruction. With Keystone’s data destruction services in PA, we have a shredder that destroys hundreds of hard disks, hard drives and mobile devices per hour for secure disposal of your IT equipment in PA, NJ, NY or MD. 

Keystone will also buy your outdated networking software when you want to sell used networking equipment in PA. Contact our trained and professional team of electronic media and IT equipment destroyers to help keep your data private and safe from exposure to the wrong hands. 

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