Out with the old technology and in with the new this spring

With spring just around the corner, now is a perfect time for you to create a list of those long-overdue to-dos you’ve been waiting so long to complete. For homeowners, that might mean dusting, cleaning, organizing or even remodeling. With business owners, however, spring cleaning tasks should be designed around creating a more orderly, functional work environment.

If certain parts of your office are cluttered with old, outdated IT equipment because you’re scared about exposing sensitive information, it’s time for you create space with the help of Keystone Technology Management. By scheduling a pickup, our staff will go to your office to remove, load and transport the devices you no longer need back to our facility in a timely manner.

Not only will you improve the morale of your staff by providing them with a more organized work environment, but you’ll also gain the peace of mind you need about the safe destruction of sensitive information with our hard drive shredder in New York, NJ, PA and MD. And that’s only if the devices can’t be donated, redeployed or resold. If any of your devices still do have value in today’s ever-evolving digital world, however, the hard drives will be wiped clean and you’ll be eligible to receive a return on your investment.

Although your spring cleaning tasks should involve getting rid of old equipment you no longer use, it’s also a great time to begin thinking about how you might want to replace the equipment you do currently use with something better. By upgrading to more advanced technology, you’ll improve the efficiency and communication of your business. In turn, this will help you gain a competitive edge in your industry, and therefore, generate more profit.

Here at Keystone Technology Management, we’re passionate about helping our customers upgrade to more advanced IT equipment without ever leaving a trace of sensitive information behind. Plus, considering how quickly technology changes, we’re able to provide each of our partners with a suitable return on their investments year after year. This way, they can stay ahead of the game and never fall behind.

Whether you’re looking for a company specializing in mobile hard drive shredding in New York, for example, or a team of professionals offering onsite hard drive destruction in Pennsylvania, Keystone Technology Management has it covered. To schedule your pickup with Keystone Technology Management this spring, fill out a contact form on our website or call 800-419-7176 today.