How to Make Money Off of Your Old IT Equipment

September 27th, 2016

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Here at Keystone Technology Management, we’re committed to providing companies with resale and data destruction services in NJ, NY and PA. In order to help them move forward with purchasing more advanced technology, we try our hardest to help them receive a return on their investments. Here’s our process:

  1. Schedule a pickup. You can count on us to obtain all necessary documents and paperwork for our customers. We’ll send our experienced technicians to remove, load and transport your company’s IT equipment to our facility–which is only accessible by our employees during normal business hours and management after hours. The facility is also secured with a card access control system and 24/7 surveillance. In addition, all equipment containing sensitive data is secured in a locked cage that’s only accessible by our two head technicians.
  1. Inspection & audit. Our technicians will then inspect, test and (upon request) record the serial number, as well as the make and model of each item. They’ll also remove all asset tags and other product information that could allow someone to trace the equipment back to your company. This phase of the process helps our technicians determine whether or not the equipment is qualified for resale. The evaluation of the equipment will be based on age, model type, market value and the current working condition.
  1. Data destruction & recycle. All data containing devices that do not have resale value will be tossed into the mouth of our industrial shredder, where its alloy steel teeth will crush it into tiny metal fragments. There will be nothing left of your company’s sensitive information, as well as the hardware itself, except for small, shiny hunks of metal. Everything that’s left behind in the aftermath of our data destruction services will then be recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner.
  1. Data erasure. The equipment that we do qualify for resale, however, will be wiped entirely clean of your company’s sensitive information using certified Blancco erasure software. The personal information of your clients and employees, as well as your company’s trade secrets, will be completely destroyed forever. This means that when the equipment is resold, no one will ever be able to access any of that information; instead, it’s as if nothing was ever stored on the hard drive before.
  1. Return on your investment. Once you approve of the value we place on your IT equipment, we’ll send you an immediate payment. This will help your company purchase more advanced technology to remain relevant and gain a competitive edge within its industry. Flipping hardware before it becomes “too old” or “outdated” will help your company stay up-to-date with the newest technology.

Don’t wait any longer to get some cash for your company’s old equipment and move forward with more advanced technology!