Data Destruction for Investment Companies

Is your investment and stock trading company upgrading your IT equipment frequently? To help save costs and gain capital back into investment companies, we consult with you and utilize our procedures to safely and securely dispose of your hardware.

Through data destruction, we ensure the safety and proper removal of all client data and sensitive information. Our process reduces the risk of a data breach, protecting your brand from any liability. Keystone has a certified data destruction service for many organizations, including your stock trading and investment companies.

Our data destruction process and methods continue to advance and improve so you’re completely satisfied with our services. There will be no trace of your company through our destruction as we guarantee all sensitive information will be destroyed. Through proper and safe data destruction for law firms and investment companies, Keystone allows you to add a return on your investment.

Let Keystone add value to your corporation, responsibly recycling and destroying your excess IT equipment.

Sell your IT Equipment for Stock Trading Companies

As you replace and upgrade your IT equipment, Keystone is a dedicated partner to all stock trading companies that are looking to sell their excess hardware. Our guarantee allows you to feel confident your hard drives will not be breached or compromised.

Whether you wish to sell your IT equipment from hospitals or stock trading firms, we’re here to help. We cater to your needs, handling all logistics and procedures. If you’re merging offices, and looking to sell used equipment for an optimal return, we evaluate your hardware and issue payment.

After you sell your IT equipment to Keystone, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of every service that we have completed. Partnering with Keystone to sell your hardware is a stress-free process that is completed quickly.
We’ll buy used equipment, including desktops, laptops, servers, scanners, LCD monitors, and other pieces of equipment that you’ve replaced. Consult with us and we’ll agree on a price.
At Keystone, we dispose of your equipment in an environmentally-friendly manner. Every company has varying needs, and we can agree to a consignment arrangement where we’ll sell the hardware and equipment for you.
For your asset disposition and data destruction to avoid compromising any sensitive information, contact us today to form a valuable partnership.