The Importance of Recycling E-Waste

August 13th, 2018


Back in 2014, a study was released stating that the amount of active, connected electronic devices in the world had surpassed the total amount of people on the planet — back then, those numbers were around 7.22 billion vs. 7.19 billion, respectively. Now, in 2018, researchers are predicting 50 billion electronic devices by 2020. In short, we can expect the production of electronic devices to increase 10-fold in the next few years just to meet the ever-expanding needs of the technology revolution.

Where Will It All Go?

The production frenzy we’re experiencing today begs the question: where will all this e-waste end up once we’ve tossed it in the garbage and moved onto the “next big thing?” Considering the “next big thing” is being developed and introduced to the population at a higher frequency than ever before, it’s a very real concern.

At Keystone Technology Management, we recognize the societal need for responsible e-waste disposal solutions, which is why we are recognized by our R2v3 certification for our e-recycling and hard drive disposal services in New York. This certification further ensures we are providing the best recycling solutions for protecting environmental health and employee safety while offering unparalleled security to our clients.

Our R2 certification, along with our DEP permit, are among only a handful of regulatory permissions to be granted to e-waste recycling companies.

3 Crucial Reasons to Recycle E-Waste


  • It is hazardous not to recycle electronicsThere are a number of hazardous chemicals in electronic devices. The improper disposal of these devices can lead to chemical leaks in water supplies near landfills. 
  • The improper disposal of e-waste can be illegalCalifornia is leading the fight against throwing e-waste into the garbage, but many cities around the country are introducing legislation to crack down on the illegal dumping of e-waste. 
  • We already have excessive e-wasteThe amount of electronic equipment that’s been improperly disposed of reached 3.4 million tons in 2012. It’s expected that number has almost doubled since then. This will be a major concern in the future if e-recycling solutions are not utilized.


The Best E-Waste Recycling Company In the Mid-Atlantic

Recycling e-waste has never been easier, and it’s never been so important. For those concerned with privacy and the integrity of sensitive data, we offer on-site data destruction in New York to ensure every piece of equipment we recycle is devoid of private information.

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