Don’t Let Your Sensitive Information Leak

December 2nd, 2016

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With technology, do you ever feel like your information is all over the place? Like small parts of your life are stored on a bunch of different devices?

Well, you should…Because it is.

From your tablet and phone to your laptop and work computer, you interface with a slew of different technology on a regular basis. Not that you’re giving out your social security or credit card number every time, but you likely use them often enough to have already created a trail leading to all your personal information. That being said, when it’s time to get rid of equipment or upgrade to better devices, you must do so responsibly to protect yourself, as well as your company against exploiting important information.

When you turn to the IT disposition experts here at Keystone Technology Management, we’ll ensure the safe destruction of all sensitive data. If the equipment is shredded because it’s too old, you can trust in us to provide responsible IT recycling solutions; but, If can be resold, on the other hand, then you can have confidence that we’ll erase everything on your hard drives. Either way, we understand how important it is to destroy equipment in which sensitive information had once been stored.

Here are three things you don’t want anyone to steal:

1. Passwords are everywhere! There are so many different passwords that people use for a wide variety of programs on a regular basis. Whether you have a document saved on your computer with all of them listed, or they’re saved in the login screens online, anyone can easily get into any one of your accounts if you don’t erase all your information when you get rid of it.

2. Social Security Number. Criminals can certainly find out a slew of information about a person or company by stealing their passwords, but once social security numbers are unearthed, it’s pretty much game over. Those nine digits triumph over all other entry codes; they’re simply the king of all passwords. Whether someone steals the social security numbers of your clients, employees or family, it can often be a very long road to recovery.

3. Trade secrets: Whether you’re using a device at work or a personal device at home, important information is passing over a multitude of technology on a weekly basis for business. Failing to dispose of old equipment properly could potentially bring about disastrous consequences to your company. Trade secrets are the blueprints to your business, so make sure you prevent security breaches by going to professionals who can properly destroy all the stored information.

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