Complete Data Destruction: Advantages of the Blancco Security Suite

March 11th, 2020

Blog, Data Security

When your I.T. systems or data systems require an upgrade, one of your business’s most significant concerns should be data destruction. If your systems are full of personal, medical, financial, or other sensitive information, the equipment and software must be thoroughly cleansed to eliminate the risk of the data falling into the wrong hands. Lifted data can lead to stolen identities, fraudulent financial activity, and other severe consequences that can cost your business, your clients, and your staff millions of dollars in damages. 

Fortunately, Keystone Technology Management is in the business of safe data destruction and hard drive disposal services from New York City to Washington, D.C., through the use of the  Blancco Security Suite.

What is the Blancco Security Suite?

It is a suite of security software recognized worldwide for its flawless data erasure capabilities. According to Blancco, their data erasure applications have been “tested, certified, approved, and recommended by 15+ governing bodies around the world,” meeting the vast majority of compliance and security regulations. By using one of the leading brands of data erasure software in the world, Keystone Technology Management ensures that all erased data is irrecoverable by any existing technology to date. 

Blancco Applications & Benefits for Advanced Computer Liquidation Services

Although our hard drive and I.T. shredding services provide the complete demolition of hard drives and other data storage systems, guaranteeing irreparable data destruction, the technology is unable to be used again. Instead of reducing the technology to metal and plastic shreds, we recommend using our hard drive erasure services with the Blancco Security Suite and reaping all of the following benefits: 

At Keystone Technology Management, we value complete customer satisfaction and data safety, which is why we trust our experienced staff and the Blancco Security Suite to sanitize your data systems. Not only do we erase the data in your I.T. systems and on hard drives, but we give you the chance to reuse or resell the hard drives without the risk of non-compliance or information theft. 

If you need new data storage systems and want to sell the old equipment to another company, or you want a full-system wipe to reuse the equipment in another office or department, the Keystone Technology Management team can help. Armed with the Blancco Security Suite, we can perform secure data destruction in Philadelphia without having to bring out the shredder. Find out more about our services and the safety of your data by contacting us today.