Benefits of Selling Retired IT Equipment

September 17th, 2018


Whatever your company does, there are many advantages to selling old IT equipment to a refurbisher who can then assist in the purchasing of upgraded hardware. Here at Keystone Technology Management, we purchase used IT equipment in New York for organizations looking to get rid of old hardware. When you sell your IT equipment to us, you then have access to our extensive network of refurbishing partners who can then sell you upgraded IT equipment for a much more affordable price than shopping new. Here are just a few reasons to sell your IT equipment to Keystone Technology Management.

Return on IT Investment

The first thing to come to mind is the fair market value of the old equipment, which will certainly help offset the costs of purchasing new network hardware. However, there are other forms of instant savings that will affect your company’s bottom line.

Extraneous Savings

These savings include the reduction of maintenance and repair costs, which are inevitable expenses as IT equipment ages. You will save money on replacement parts, and you can save your technicians valuable time that could be better spent on core functions.

Environmental Implications

When you sell and recycle your old IT equipment with Keystone Technology Management, you’re taking part in a green practice — a noble effort in the eyes of your marketing department. Capitalize on your efforts to help your company succeed while also protecting the environment from the chemicals and toxic materials contained within IT hardware.

Fewer Vendors to Purchase From

When you sell your used IT equipment to Keystone Technology Management, you have access to our partner refurbishment companies who can sell you upgraded equipment at a more affordable price than searching for separate suppliers. We provide an easy way to sell your retired IT equipment and a no-hassle way to purchase upgraded replacement material through our partners.

Are There Downsides to Selling Used IT Equipment?

We really can’t see any downsides to selling old and retired IT hardware. With the return on IT investment, added savings, environmental factors, and ease-of-upgrading involved in our purchasing process, you’ll come away with money to spare and a fully upgraded suite of IT hardware. To sell your used IT equipment today, call Keystone Technology Management at 215-741-4441 or fill out a contact form. We look forward to purchasing your used IT equipment today!