Be on the Alert for Hackers with These 3 Signs of an Attack

March 22nd, 2019


There are countless advantages to owning a successful business, and while you may be proud of your accomplishments, there’s always someone ready to bring you down — like hackers. While cybercriminals might attempt to hack your data, they don’t always pull it off. There are many ways to prevent hackers from getting access to your IT equipment, some of which you’ll find below:

At Keystone Technology Management, we offer secure data destruction in NY to ensure hackers won’t breach your outdated equipment. If you do not take the appropriate measures to ensure your data is protected, you may become victim to a cyber attack. Unfortunately, most people are incognizant of the threats imposed by cyber attacks, even after their equipment has been compromised. Catching a data breach early enough is the first step in gaining back control.

Here are three signs that you may have been hacked:

Your Equipment is Slower Than Usual

Performing the most basic tasks can become painfully slow when you’ve been hacked. What once ran at high-speed is now sluggish and constantly freezing. These are distinct signs of an attack and should not be disregarded.

Your Data is Being Eaten Up

If your equipment has been hacked, you will most likely notice an unexpected increase in data usage. It’s important to monitor your data usage meter and compare it to prior months to take note of any unusual spikes.

Pop-Up Adds Start to Appear

Another common sign of a data breach is when you see annoying pop-up ads and strange notifications appear on your screen. When your system is exposed to malware, you might see unfamiliar bookmarks and website shortcuts on your home screen that you did not add. Hackers can also modify your ads that appear while you’re browsing and replace them with inappropriate or malicious ones.

Don’t let any more of your equipment become compromised. If you want to prevent data breaches for your business, contact Keystone Technology Management to safely dispose of your old and used hardware and equipment. Our team follows HIPAA and FACTA regulations, so you can rest assured that your private information is protected. If you’re interested in secure data disposal in New York, please contact us today at 800-419-7176.