5 End-of-Semester Tech Tips for College Students

April 2nd, 2018

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Can you believe that another semester is coming to a close? Whether you’re finishing up your first year or you’re getting ready to graduate, take these technology tips from our experts at Keystone Technology Management, a certified data destruction company serving clients in NY, PA, NJ and others, to help you better prepare for grad school, a summer job or your next big challenge!


  • Clean up your device. The end of the semester is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning for your technology! Clean the exterior with a soft microfiber cloth and laptop-safe cleaner; you can also use a Q-tip to get dust and dirt out from the small spaces in your keyboard.


  • Organize your interior. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to end with the exterior of your laptop. Organize your interior files at the end of the semester to save room in your laptop and rid yourself of unnecessary documents and downloads. Remember to keep important PDFs, documents and programs organized so they’ll be ready for you the next time you need them.


  • Invest in a quality case. Now that you don’t have to worry about deadlines or exams, now is an ideal time to start researching quality laptop cases that can protect your device while you’re on the go. Look for one with interior padding, which will help to better protect your screen, the most sensitive part of your laptop.


  • Refresh your passwords. You should be changing your most important passwords once every three to six months for maximum account security. Now is the time to switch up a few passwords that you haven’t changed in a while to keep yourself protected from hackers. Remember to make your password something that cannot easily be guessed, and to never use the same password for multiple accounts!


  • Upgrade safely. Looking to upgrade to a new laptop for next semester? Don’t just throw your current model away! Call a qualified data destruction service like Keystone Technology Management to safely remove your banking, identifying and password information from your laptop before you switch to your new machine. This will keep your identity protected from thieves looking to steal your personal data.


Before you throw that laptop away, contact our team at Keystone Technology Management, a leading NY data destruction service, by calling 800-419-7176 to ensure that your data is completely wiped.