4 Reasons Why Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Need to Partner with an IT Disposition Expert

January 24th, 2017

healthcare technology concept (with nurse holding a tablet and technology icons floating around it)

Looking for the best way to improve the coordination, logistics and efficiency of your hospital or healthcare facility? Do you need to upgrade to newer technology, yet feel trapped because your current equipment is just a few years old? Don’t worry—there’s a solution: Swim with the current instead of against it. Make the upgrades you need year after year, and receive the payments you need to cover the cost of better equipment. Here are four reasons to partner will a data destruction service provider like Keystone Technology Management:

  1. Prevent leaks of sensitive information. Hospitals and healthcare providers have access to medical records and other private information that’s supposed to remain confidential. With technology, a small leak can quickly transform into a burst pipeline spewing undisclosed information into the eyes of unauthorized personnel. It’s your duty to protect your patients from the exploitation of personal information. In fact, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) demands that healthcare providers conceal the electronic data of their patients. Never risk the possibility of confidential information falling into the hands of a criminal.
  1. Make the upgrades you need NOW. There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry emphasizes responsive, effective care; that’s exactly why it’s crucial for you do everything possible to optimize the logistical flow, efficiency and communication of your facility. Technological advancements are responsible for breakthroughs in the medical field and, better yet, they’ve allowed doctors, nurses and other staff to prepare, respond and care for patients as quickly as possible—with the information they need at their fingertips. Don’t wait any longer improve the processes and procedures of your healthcare setting by acquiring more advanced IT equipment!
  1. Recycle old, outdated equipment. When you partner with a company like Keystone Technology Management for secure data destruction in NY, PA or NJ, they will recycle any type of technology that’s not deemed for resale. As an R2v3 certified provider of IT asset disposition services, Keystone will recycle all of your obsolete equipment in accordance with industry best practices for data security and environmental sustainability. So if your hospital or healthcare facility is holding on to old technology in fear of leaking patient information, rest assured that Keystone can recycle any type of obsolete equipment in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.
  1. Wipe hard drives clean before resale. By using Blancco Security Suite, which is the industry standard hard drive erasure software, IT disposition experts can completely clean the hard drives of those devices that can, in fact, be resold while still complying with HIPAA requirements. Considering how advanced the medical field is, it’s likely most hospitals and healthcare providers will see a return on their investment. As long as a device is still relevant and capable of being reused in today’s continuously evolving digital sphere, administrators will receive a payment after the equipment is resold. This way, new users will never have any way of retrieving deleted data, and you’ll have the funds you need to put towards the acquisition of more advanced technology.

Adapting to the evolution of technology is a must; or else efficiency, access to information and communication will corrode due to your lack of foresight. It truly is “survival of the fittest.” Luckily, you can partner with a company like Keystone Technology Management and adapt to technological advancements, while others fall behind. Now is the time to build a rewarding partnership! Contact the staff Keystone Technology Management by calling 800-410-7176 or by filling out an informational contact form on our website.