3 Reasons Why You Should Choose an IT Disposition Expert

April 29th, 2016

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When your company upgrades from one IT equipment system to the next, it’s imperative that you make certain that your company destroys all hardware and software containing sensitive and potentially jeopardizing data. Make certain that your resources are not exploited by other individuals with negative intentions by seeking the services of IT disposition specialists. Below are three services that IT disposition companies offer that will help to destroy and protect valuable equipment from ever being exposed to others.

Blancco Security Suite

This hard drive erasure software—which is used by IT disposition experts like Keystone Technology Management—involves an all-encompassing internal data elimination strategy that protects your company from jeopardizing sensitive information. This software allows companies that specialize in IT destruction to cost-effectively destroy all of your company’s data and prevent it from ever being exposed to another set of eyes ever again. There is no existing technology that can recover the data eliminated by Blancco Security Suite software.

Hard Drive & IT Shredding

IT destruction experts are able to completely destroy hard drives, compact discs, backup tapes, smart phones, USB flash drives, and other information-storing data devices and equipment by using an innovative, high capacity shredder. Reputable IT destruction companies are capable of shredding thousands of IT devices each day, reducing the external, physical components to shards of metal and plastic that will never be accessed ever again. This intense method of destruction will certainly give you and your company peace of mind about the protection of sensitive information.

Purchase Used Equipment

Recently off-network IT hardware manufactured by companies such as Dell, IBM, Cisco, Sun, EMC, Apple, HP, and many others are almost always seen as valuable assets in the eyes of IT disposition experts. When companies choose to turnover IT equipment and computer hardware in PA, NJ, and NY, data destruction services are available to ease the pain of hardware transition from companies such as Keystone Technology Management. These dependable experts will assess the value of your company’s equipment, make an outright purchase offer, and issue a prompt payment for your company’s IT equipment.

Through the use of Blancco Security Suite software and access to hard drive and IT shredding, IT disposition companies ensure their clients that their sensitive information will never be released to anyone. These experts will even purchase used and pre-owned equipment, hand over a check, and wipe it clean prior to reselling it. Without requesting the reliable services of IT disposition specialists to destroy IT equipment, your company will increase the likelihood of releasing sensitive information to the public.

If your company is located in PA, NY, or NJ, hard drive destruction services are close by. Visit Keystone Technology Management’s website to learn more about the services offered by IT disposition experts: http://keystonetech.wpengine.com/.