3 Reasons to Destroy Old Hard Drives and Backups

October 12th, 2018


You may, for whatever reason, be keeping a stockpile of old hard drives and backup tapes from computers long past. It could be possible that procrastination has gotten the best of you, and you haven’t gotten around to properly disposing of your old hard drives. Perhaps you think you might need to access those precious old files, whether for business or personal purposes. Whatever your reasons for holding onto your old data storage devices, we have a few better reasons why you should destroy your old hard drives and backup media. At Keystone Technology Management, we specialize in secure hard drive destruction in PA to meet the needs of individuals and business entities who wish to destroy old storage devices.

Here is why you should destroy old hard drives:

Data Security

Old hard drives and backups are a definite security liability. One device can store hundreds and thousands of confidential data files, and the biggest problem with electronic data is that it can be compromised even when it’s expired or its container is inoperable.

Deleting the digital files from a device never completely removes the data. With the right tools and special software, identity thieves and digital criminals can extract information relatively easily. Complete physical destruction of a device is the best way to reduce the potential for data breach exposure.

Legal Compliances

There are consequences in certain industries for data breaches stemming from mishandled storage devices, including fines and even the possibility of criminal prosecution depending on the level of negligence and the number of people affected. Each of the following laws and regulations requires organizations to protect personal, financial, and health records from any type of unauthorized access:

  • GLB – affects banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies
  • FACTA – applies to credit reporting to protect consumers from identity theft
  • HIPAA – affects any organization dealing with health records and information

Cost Savings

Beyond fines and other consequential costs associated with a breach in data, don’t overlook the cost of storing your old backup media. When you’re paying a premium for office space, every square inch counts. When you hoard old computers and out-of-date storage media, there’s less room to make use of other things that help contribute to the business’s revenue.

With these tips in mind, we can’t see any reason why you would want to hold onto old hard drives and other digital storage devices. We provide businesses in PA with secure data destruction services to ensure the security of your business.

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